5 Huawei smartphones caught cheating, now excluded from Geekbench

smartphones excluded from Geekbench

Raw CPU testing software “Geekbench” has excluded a total of Six (6) smartphone from it database due to fraud. The said device were caught cheating during testing in order to achieve a higher test score. Of the Six (6) smartphones excluded, Five (5) of them are owned by Huawei, while the 6th is a brand of Oppo owned OnePlus. The list of excluded devices are below.

List of Excluded Huwei and OnePlus Smartphone from Geekbench

  1. HUAWEI Mate 10 (Kirin 970)
  2. HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro (Kirin 970)
  3. HUAWEI P20 (Kirin 970)
  4. HUAWEI P20 Pro (Kirin 970)
  5. HUAWEI Honor Play (Kirin 970)
  6. OnePlus 5 (Snapdragon 835)

Oneplus and Huawei excluded from Geekbench

According to Geekbench, these smartphones are programmed with a “special mode” that is activated only during benchmarking, and will not be activated when using other apps. As such, it is not suitable for comparison with other smartphones and has been removed from the list.

Surprisingly, all the Huawei devices affected are equipped with the HiSilicon Kirin 970. This means that other Huawei and Honor smart phones built on same CPU could be affected, and might likely be added to the exclusion list in the future.

In the past, similar suspicions have been raised concerning manufacturers like Samsung and evenĀ  Xiaomi. A recent court order had even mandated Samsung to pay $10 each to owners of the Galaxy S4 for benchmark cheating. Neither Huawei nor OnePlus has reacted to the exclusion list yet.

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Cheaters shouldn’t win. But they are being allowed to, so more will come. But what about ethics and good faith in business? Because if those are gone, then the days of an honest buck are over and everything is going to be a third-world market #$%$#show.