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About DroidAfrica

Company OverviewOn DroidAfrica, you will find it surprisingly easy to find and compare multiple smartphones or tablet across varying manufacturers, thereby simplifying your online shopping efforts. You don’t necessarily need to know the details of that awesome-looking smartphone or tablet you saw with a friend. Just give DroidAfrica the name and in no time, all you need to know about that gadget will be displayed right in front of you including news, reviews and user opinions of that particular gadget. You can even compare it with other varying (similar) gadgets within same pricing bracket.
DescriptionDroidAfrica is an online smartphone and tablet comparison website. For your convenience, this website is meticulously created, to aid ease of smartphones and tablets comparison, including daily news, rumours and smartphone and tablet reviews. DroidAfrica DO NOT SELL SMARTPHONE OR TABLET, DroidAfrica only provide our visitors with smartphone and tablet news, specifications, reviews, pricing and comparison, including link to reputable gadgets resellers, where the need be, however, WE ARE NOT RESELLERS.
MissionOur mission is to provide detailed and unbiased specifications and reviews of smartphones across various makers including their prices, thereby simplifying shopping experience of our visitors.
Founded1st January, 2017.
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