All variations of Samsung’s Galaxy S23-series available in Nigeria and their price

Global pre-ordering activities for the Galaxy S23-series which was unveiled globally on the 1st of February 2023 are still ongoing. Recall that the series includes three smartphones; the vanilla Galaxy S23, the S23 Plus, and the S23 Ultra, all of which are flagship devices. These activities will continue until the 17th of the month when full sales of the trio will commence.

Just like in other regions, the Galaxy S23-series is available in Nigeria as well. In this detailed post, we will be looking at all the various models of the S23 series available in Nigeria, their storage capacities, how to get them, and their pricing.


Available Samsung Galaxy S23 series in Nigeria

These are the models in the Galaxy S23 series that are currently sold in Nigeria, their storage options, and their prices.

1. The vanilla Galaxy S23:


Samsung is selling two storage models in the S23 series in Nigeria. There is the base model with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM priced at N610,000, and the model with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM, sold at N655,000.

Note that some dealers are selling an Eco-Package of the 8GB + 256GB storage model. This model comes with extra Samsung accessories and a warranty, but takes the price to N837,000, from N655,000.

2. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus:


In Nigeria, the Galaxy S23 Plus is available in two storage options as well; a model with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM priced at N745,000, and 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM priced at N830,000.

The Eco-package for the 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM is priced at N1,012,900.

The Eco Package brings an additional Samsung Watch 5 Pro, which by default, is old above N300,000 in Nigeria

3. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:


This is the top model in the series, and like the other two, it is available in two storage options in Nigeria; one with 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM, and the second is 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM.

These are priced at N945,000 and N1,030,000 respectively. There is also an Eco-package of this model, it comes with 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM, and it is priced at N1,295,900 in Nigeria.

NOTE: Eco-Package gives you an extra Samsung Watch 5 Pro that is price around N320K currently in Nigeria.

Note also, that you would need to deposit N200,000 as an initial pre-order payment for any of the models above. You can register your preorder either via SlotMobile, Pointekonline, 3CHUB, or any of the many offline Samsung’s certified partner stores across Nigeria.

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