Apple terminates Reviews & Ratings from their website; What’s the cause?

iPhone 11 Pro review & ratings remove

Speculations had it that Apple has removed it’s customer reviews & ratings from their website. This report actually came from AppleInsider and while we are figuring out if it is intentional or just a coincidence, we noticed that this reviews & ratings was removed from all products listed on US, UK, and Australia.

This made us think that it’s intentional, but why would Apple do that? Maybe they want to put an end to hateful reviews because recently, Apple’s TV original series The Morning Show recently got lots of bad reviews, many of them coming from “Apple haters” as revealed in Recode’s interview with the director of the show.

Apple product reviews ratings

Maybe that’s why they did that but what message does it sends to its customers since you can’t be able to tell the user experience of a particular product. It appeared that the reviews & ratings was terminated on November 17th by the use of archived versions of Apple’s website.

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