TENAA cert update brings new specs for the Redmi K40-series

k40 with and without Charger
k40 with and without Charger

Lots of information have been leaked regarding the upcoming Redmi K40-series from Xiaomi. As a practice on DroidAfrica, whenever we come across a new phone leak or rumor, we usually inform our users to consume some of the spec infos with a grain of salt, and like every other rumors on the net, take this very one with a pitch of salt as well. It seems the hypes regarding the upcoming Redmi K40-series has been built around an entirely wrong rumors as a TENAA certification page update today brings new specs for the Redmi K40 and the K40 Pro smartphones.

We’ve been previously told that the Redmi K40-series will come in a larger 6.81-inches display, same screen size on the current Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone. Some hands-on images and screenshots were even leaked, demoing that the K40-series would have above 6.8-inches display, (images above).

Today, China’s TENAA certification page for the K40-series got updated, and among the specs listed, there is no mention of a 6.8-inches. In fact, the listing specifically mentioned that the K40 and the K40 Pro will come in a 6.67-inches display, same screen size of the previous Redmi K30 series.

While this does not completely rule out a K40 variant with above 6.8-inches display, it an early pointer to areas Xiaomi will be saving costs in comparison to the Mi 11. Recall that a K40 variant with same Snapdragon 888 used on the Mi 11 is said to start at 2,999 yuan, which is under $500 USD, while the Mi 11 is notably above $700.

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