Loop LiquidCool Technology Ready for Xiaomi Smartphones

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has introduced the Loop LiquidCool Technology which will be featured on their smartphones. This Loop LiquidCool Technology for Xiaomi phones offers twice the cooling capabilities than the regular vapour chambers solutions. This new technology from Xiaomi uses a capillary effect that taps liquid cooling agents to the heat source.

Normally, this Loop LiquidCool Technology for Xiaomi phones makes use of similar cooling method as the VC liquid cooling system. For a smoother steam flow, a ring-shaped pump  was designed to carry a special has pipe that drastically reduces the air passage resistance up to 30%, then the maximum heat transfer is increased up to 100%

The technology disperses the heat efficiently towards a cooler area, until the agent condenses and is captured via a unidirectional closed looped channel. The Xiaomi company has put this Loop LiquidCool Technology to test on a MIX 4 device which previously carried a vapour chamber.

Currently, the Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi now has a future plan of embedding this Loop LiquidCool Technology on most of their devices on or before mid 2022 according to reports.


Fortune Osinachi
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