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Hello There….

Welcome to our contact page. Your feedback (any form) is highly appreciated.

But before sending us an email or begin filling the form below, please keep in mind that we don’t respond to the following emails:

  • Mails asking for the current price or stock availability of a phone or tablet. We do not sell phones, and all phones and tablet prices are updated only at launch.
  • Price of a particular phone or tablet in your country. Chances are, we’ve not been to your country before, so yes, we don’t know
  • As for “Which mobile should I buy?” related questions, please don’t ask DroidAfrica, try Google

If you have any question related to the few above, please use the comment box under that particular phone or tablet, or post your question to the forum, perhaps someone might respond.

However, we will be glad to hear from you if:

  • You have found a mistake in our phone specifications.
  • You have info about an existing or upcoming phone which you think we should add to our database.
  • You have found a broken link, we don’t like broken links either.
  • You have a suggestion on how to improve DroidAfrica.
  • Or most importantly, you have a product you want us to take a look

Again, thank you for contacting us. We’ll do our best to get back to you irrespective of whatever your query might be. 

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