Future iPhones to come with LED illuminated Apple logos


The future iPhones will be coming with a LED- Illuminated Apple logo, according to the Patent, this feature might be coming with next year’s iPhones and it might probably be used for notifications light.

Future iPhones to come with LED illuminated Apple logos Appleilo

But hey wait, this isn’t a new invention, the older MacBooks has this and even some mods and “iPhone hacks” can implement this feature so it’s not new to us, it might be new to you maybe.

So what we will call it is that Apple just brought back the older feature of some of it’s computers into the mobile segment, it is not a bad idea at all, but you have to know that it’s a patent and it is unlikely that the other companies will implement this without signing up for the patent.

Apple iPhone LED illuminated logo

The patent reveals a transparent layer on the back of the smartphone with adjustable decoration changing the appearance of the light that comes out of the logo. Furthermore, there’s control circuitry that could easily adjust the appearance in response to an event like a call or missed notification.

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