Google Android 12 update for Infinix Zero 5G now available


Google Android 12 update is now available to owners of the Infinix Zero 5G. Recall that the company had promised Android 12 for it India fan back in February when the Zero 5G was first introduced in the country.


In it promise, Infinix said it will make Google Android 12 available on the Zero 5G in August of 2022. As an effort to meet up with these promise, the company release a Fan Trial Version of the OS to it Indian fan just within the last hours of the promised August, which was yesterday.

The fact that the company is tagging this update as a Fan Trial Version must not be ignored, as early adopters of these updates are already reporting bugs on twitters. Thankfully, Infinix had stated in the update term and conditions that bugs and errors that may affect normal operations of the phone should be expected.

Google Android 12 update for Infinix Zero 5G now available Google Android 12 for Infinix Zero 5G

Full Terms & Conditions: 

  1. The updates that you will receive as a part of the Fan’s program and may contain errors and  bugs that can affect the normal functioning of your device. 
  2. Please back up your data before updating: Settings->Additional Settings->Back Up and Reset- >Backup & Restore, select the Data to Be Backed up. 
  3. Please keep the battery level over 30%. 
  4. Please do not turn off your phone during the update process. 
  5. Brand will not be responsible for any sort of data loss or any mishap with normal functioning of  the device 
  6. The downloadable files are as per the model number, please check the model number of the  device before installing the relevant software update, wrong file might impact the normal  functioning of the device 
  7. For any feedback & further assistance contact us at [email protected]
Infinix Zero 5G Android 12 update

It is important to note that the manual update is only available for Indian versions of the Zero 5G, modeled X6815 and X6815B. By manual update, it means you’ll have to download and install it locally, and not via OTA. For full instruction on how to download and apply this new Android 12 update on your Infinix Zero 5G, please follow the official tread on Twitter HERE.

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