Google Pixel 4 to come with a Feature called Motion Mode and 8x zoom


The Pixel 4 rumored to announce next Month has been revealed to have a dual Rear Cameras comprising of 12mp main shooter and 16mp telephoto. If this rumored camera specs should be believed then the camera is going to come with a feature called “Motion Mode”.


What Motion Mode simply does is that it allows you to take videos in motion and get the background blurred in action, it will let you take sports and action shots with moving subjects in the foreground and blurry background.

It is also said that the Pixel 4 will come with an improved night sight and other pretty much speed improvements, according to our source, it is also said that Google will brag about their pixel 4 ability to take starry sky pictures.

Google Pixel 4


Somebody on Chinese social network Weibo recently revealed that the Pixel 4 will feature an 8X Zoom with a combination of optical zoom and Googles Super Res Zoom.

Through another image shared, it reveals that the Pixel 4 will come with a 6gb RAM, the current Pixels max has 4gb RAM and it is nice to see that Google has increased the RAM of Pixel 4 to 6gb, it is quite a welcome development and i know many will like it.

Stephen Ekpa
Stephen Ekpa
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