Honor 50 Series smartphones have recently launched in China

On June 16th, Honor hosted a launch event in Shanghai, China where the Honor 50 Series smartphones which include Honor 50, Honor 50 Pro and Honor 50 SE were released. The three phones were announced and launched at that event in China just days ago.

At the launch event, the prices of the three devices were also announced. Let’s check out the prices.

Honor 50 SE is one of the phones in the series and it is priced at 2399 Yuan. This phone comes in two varieties. One variety has 128GB internal storage space while the other has 256GB. The version with the 256GB was announced as 2699 Yuan.

Honor 50 smartphone is also one of the phones in the series. The price is at 2699 Yuan for the type with 128GB internal storage. The 256 GB one is at 2999 Yuan. The 256GB with 12GB RAM is priced at 3399 Yuan.

Honor 50
Specifications for Honor 50

Honor 50 Pro is the third phone of this series. It was priced at 3699 Yuan for its 8GB RAM version while the 12GB RAM one is priced at 3,999 Yuan.

Honor 50 Pro
Honor 50 Pro

The Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro phones are very similar in specifications. Zhao Ming, the CEO of Honor mentioned that the Honor 50 smartphones are one of the most beautiful phones in this year.

Honor 50 SE has a very different design from the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro described above. It has the same shape as the Honor 50 phones mentioned earlier. And you can find detailed description in the image below.

Honor 50 SE
Specifications of Honor 50 SE

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