Microsoft has released the latest version of its Edge browser, version 116.0.1938.54. This update includes two new features:

  • Microsoft Edge for Business: This new mode is designed for businesses and organizations, and it provides a number of security and productivity features.
  • Detachable sidebar: This feature allows users to detach the Edge sidebar from the browser window and attach it to the Windows 10 desktop. This makes it easier to access frequently used websites and apps without having to open a new browser window.

In addition to these new features, the Edge 116 update also fixes a number of bugs and performance issues.

Microsoft Edge browser, version updates

Microsoft Edge for Business is generally available, and all users who log in with Microsoft Entra ID will automatically upgrade to the new version. The detachable sidebar is currently an optional feature, and users can enable it by clicking on the “pop-up” icon near the bottom of the browser sidebar.

Microsoft says that it plans to add more features and options to the detachable sidebar in future versions of Edge. Administrators can also use the StandaloneHubsSidebarEnabled policy to control the availability of this feature.

The Edge 116 update is available now for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, and Linux. To download the update, open Edge and go to Settings and more > Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.


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