Nokia teases an upcoming smartphone to be released on December 5

Nokia upcoming smartphone

We have been seeing a lot of Nokia smartphones being leaked recently. The company has went to their Twitter official account to tease an upcoming phone but no details about the phone was unveiled. They only shared the launch date which is December 5th.

We ourselves don’t know the particular phone they are going to launch that day but if you can remember on our previous leaks, we have been talking about Nokia 8.2 and Nokia 5.2, could this smartphone be Nokia 8.2 or 5.2? We don’t actually know.

But it might be Nokia 8.2 because last year December, on 5th. Nokia unveiled the Nokia 8.1 so they might take the same time frame to unveil the Nokia 8.2. We have to wait till December 5th to see which phone it is.

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