OnePlus 9 Series, Oppo Find X3 Series Start Receiving Open Beta Update for Android 12-based ColorOS 12

Just as Microsoft introduced the newly released Windows 11 to PC, other smartphone updates started rolling out.

Oppo Find X3 series and the OnePlus 9 series are among the first smartphones to receive ColorOS12. However, sometime last month (September) these models of smartphones from Oppo passed through a close beta test. OnePlus and Oppo uses that same medium to announce the ColorOS 12 update. It is a good thing that the OnePlus 9 series will be upgrading from HydrogenOS to ColorOS and these changes will first take place in china. Although, we are meant to understand that the ColorOS that would be present on the OnePlus 9 series will be different from the ColorOS versions on the Oppo Find X3 series.

Following a post on Weibo proves that the enrolment for the beta test started from October 3rd to October 4th (this month). The post further stated that Oppo Find X3 will be featuring the A.28 version of the update while the OnePlus 9 Pro will be getting the A.11 version of the ColerOS 12. It did not stop there, the post still added that the Oppo Find X3 Pro and Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition would get the A.27 version of the ColorOS 12 update.

Interestingly, the ColorOS 12 Update will expose users to features like Quick View cards, a 3D avatar feature called Emoji, and a bunch of new shortcuts that consist of a click to switch to a small window, a double click to switch to full-screen, and the option to drag the corners to adjust the size. This update is one of the best updates so far for the Oppo Find X3 series and the OnePlus 9 series.

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