Realme 5s launch date revealed by Flipkart; launching on November 20


The Realme 5s launch date has been confirmed. Flipkart posted yesterday that the smartphone will be going official soon and today, they have created a page for the smartphone.


The page created is to advertise the smartphone to their audience, the page also has an inscription that says it will be launched in November 20th.

Realme 5s launch

That’s how we knew the launch date, we can also see the image of the smartphone in the page which appears with a red colour. There is a quad rear cameras on back of the smartphone and a fingerprint sensor.


The Quad rear cameras features a 48mp camera where as the 3 other cameras is unknown but they could be an 8mp ultra wide, 2mp macro lens and a 2mp depth sensor.

Realme 5s is a worthy upgrade over the Realme 5, the predecessor came with a 12mp camera but this Realme 5s will come with a 48mp camera, it will also come with a 1080p display, faster charging, and maybe even a USB-C port. Do you see the changes?

There is also another image attached to the Flipkart page of the Realme 5s, the image is a vertical quad camera module of the Realme 5s, it has an inscription below it which read thus “Ultra Detailed Pictures, that remain sharp even when zoomed in”

Realme 5s specifications

With this inscription, you can tell that the phone will be coming with a telephoto lens, the previous Realme 5 pro doesn’t come with this lens so how come? Well, we are still not sure, we shall know when it’s unveiled.


This is the few features we know about the smartphone for now, we shall see the remaining or the full specifications of the device very soon.

Stephen Ekpa
Stephen Ekpa
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