So I did a detailed review on the leagoo T5c, but that review wasn’t the main reason I bought this device. I bought this phone because of the Spreadtrum SC9853i Octa-core processor powering it, which Spreadtrum and Leagoo Claims to have better performance than the Mediatek MT6750 Octa-core processor, but the question is, is Leagoo and Spreadtrum telling the truth? I mean is the SC9853i actually better than MT6750 processor? Let find out in this detailed SC9853i CPU Vs MT6750 CPU Vernee, (M5 Vs Leagoo T5c) Comparison

The comparison test is between Leagoo t5c and Vernee M5 smartphone. On one hand, Leagoo T5c is running Spreadtrum SC9853i CPU. This CPU is a 14nm process, with 8 cores CPUs clocked at 1.8Ghz along 3GB of RAM and 32GB Internal storage. While on the other hand, Vernee M5 is got a Mediatek MT6750 Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5Ghz along with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage.

First off, there are three benchmarking apps I like running when trying out a smartphone’s performance. Antutu; a benchmarking app trusted by many. I use this app to test-run the overall performance of smartphones, but one very important thing to note is, a high Antutu score does not always translate into a better real life performance. Meanwhile, it is good to see SC9853i topping MT6750 CPU here, with the SC9853i CPU scoring 49021 against the 40020 point on the MT6750

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Then Geekbench which tries to access both multicore and single core performance of both processor and here, the SC9853i is topping the chat again due to it higher 1.8Ghz speed. On single-core, both CPUs scored 682 and 670 for the SC9853i CPU and MT6750 CPU respectively, while the multi-core thread gives a total of 3461 and 2559 respectively for both SoCs.

But when I tried Basemark OS v2, The Vernee M5 took the lead. As seen in the image below, the M5 got it major advantage from it 4GB of RAM and the stock Android 7.0 (Nougat), scoring a total of 825 as against the 692 point gotten by the Leagoo T5c smartphone.

So how does these Technicalities turns out in real life performance? Again, let find out. So with all background apps cleared, let run through 15 everyday apps and see which of this processor is faster in loading them.

SC9853i Vs MT6750 Vernee M5 Vs Leagoo T5c Comparison

First; Dialer, Contacts, Messages, Google Chrome, Camera, Settings, Playstore, Facebook,  WhatsApp, Intagram, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, ES File Explorer, and Xenda. After the test, the T5c obviously lagged behind throughout the test, which is yet another prove that stock Android OS is still better, somehow than customize UI.

As for the memory management, Both smartphones are able to retain all 15 apps without closing any. This is impressive considering that Leagoo T5c is got just 3GB of RAM.

Now, how about gaming? Truth be told, gaming is far better on MT6750 SoC than the SC9853i CPU. From the test, I noticed that when running light-weighted apps, the SC9853i tends to take the lead, however, when it comes to more Graphic demanding apps, the Mali-T820 is always left behind.

SC9853i Vs MT6750 Vernee M5 Vs Leagoo T5c Comparison

Also gaming control was not smooth on the T5c like it is on the M5. The reasons for this could be due to the presence of a lower Mali-T820 GPU, and partly due to poor optimization from both the CPU side and the OS department.

So which of these processor is the wineer in the Test, well, let the discussion begins.

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