Hi every one… Trust me, this might be the most honest review article you may ever find on DroidAfrica. I’m not referring to the Redmi 9C in the video, I’m talking about this very post, it is the most sincere truth ever told in here on DroidAfrica.

We began YouTube journey back in January of 2018, and just about two months later, we became unable to continue. Fast forward down to few days ago, I decided to give it a try again. Now here is the truth: We don’t have the total toolset or skillset yet, but we are jumping at it again. And learning from our fears, doubts and mistakes, we hope to improve and, to be better and better at it as the wave of time glides by.

The first device we are trying out is the Redmi 9C, and yes, the video is very far from being good both quality and composition wise and I am aware of this, but I still release the video anyway. The reason is simple: no better way of leaning than practice. As we continue to create and upload, we are in turn opened up to our mistakes, which in turns open us up to more, and more learning curves. With this, we hope to look back to this day from the future, and see how better We’ve all become together.

We therefore hope that this post will help track our progress in the future, and also hopes it encourages anyone either reading this now or in the future; that anything is possible, so long as you put your mind to it. If it is Okay by you, you can hit this button below to be subscribed to the channel on YouTube, the action is totally free from your end, but it will help us to grow, so we hope to be in touch soon.

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