Xiaomi CC9 Pro will come with a case with RUOK branding

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Specs

Earlier this year, Xiaomi reported that the 1.5 million units of the Xiaomi Mi 9 was sold. So they had to celebrate the great success by unveiling the “Lei Jun” custom cases. They also revealed a new set of cases with the RUOK (Are you okay) branding.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro specs

The recent Mi 9 used this same case and there are reports that the upcoming CC9 Pro will use this same RUOK case. However, the one we saw is different from the that of Mi 9, It comes with a ribbon which is meant to hang outside the pocket showing a “street style”.

The protective case comes in two combinations, it has a black phone case with an orange/red ribbon as well as a dark-blue phone case with a yellow/green color. The ribbons come with the classic “RUOK” letters.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro RUOK

If you look at the rear of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro design, the case comes with the appropriate cut-outs for the camera and flash which makes it fits snugly on the body of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. There is a Xiaomi label at the top of the case, the label is red in the black case and it uses a green colour in the dark-blue case. The case cost 49 Yuan which is about $7, the phone will be unveiled on Tuesday (November 5).

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That’s so good nice information also in xiaomi cc9 pro have a lot of features


Where can I buy the CC9 Pro RUOK case?