Xiaomi Redmi 5 Review: Sound and Multimedia

At first when I brought out the Redmi 5 out of it box, I was kinda excited thinking that the device is got dual base speakers, but no, it just a single speaker at the base, but designed with two speaker opening, with the second opening hosting a the primary Mic.

But the good news is, despite hosting a single speaker, the sound output is so rich that you’ll have absolutely nothing to complain about. As a matter of fact, if you ask me to pick out an aspect of this device that I like the most, I think the loud speaker is going to top the chart.

The speaker produce very clear sound with enough mid and low, resulting to a notable bass. The sound is also pretty loud, and even when playing an audio track or even playing a movie with 100% volume, I did not notice any distortion at all. Yes, the Tecno Camon CM have great sound output, but since the arival of the Redmi 5, I stopped listenng to musics on the CM.

The rich sound experience on the Redmi 5 did not stop just at the loud speaker. Even with a cheap earbud, you can still enjoy decent sound on the Redmi 5 far more than you would on phones within same price tag. So this smartphone should be the delight of multimedia consumers looking for something more pocket friendly.

The only challenge you might have is when using the device in landscape mode, say when watching a movie, you could get the loud speaker muffled, which is a major issue of all smartphone with base speakers.

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