HTC is back! they haven’t gone out of smartphone business

HTC company

HTC has not been releasing phones for quite some time now and of course, they released a lot of phones years back, they are one of the top phone brand then. They usually compete with Black berry then but now they have waken up.

The new appointed HTC CEO, Yves Maitres, has said that they haven’t produced phones in a couple of years doesn’t mean they have gone out of business. The Man went ahead to share it’s vision towards their company progress, they will likely focus on market with high GDP instead of competing in developing market.

HTC phone

He also talked about why HTC was lacking behind over the years, according to what he said, HTC stopped investing in research and development a long time ago and instead focused on its VR business but he promised to dish out a high premium smartphone very soon to their fans. Let’s wait and see what they will bring to the table.

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