Nubia, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is reportedly planning to combine a 35mm optics with the IMX989 image sensor on its upcoming Z60 Ultra smartphone.

This combination would allow the Z60 Ultra to offer a unique mobile shooting experience with outstanding depth of field.

The IMX989 is a 1-inch image sensor that was first used in the Sony Xperia Pro-I smartphone. It is one of the largest image sensors available in a smartphone, and it offers excellent low-light performance.

The 35mm optics, on the other hand, are known for their natural perspective and their ability to produce sharp images with shallow depth of field.

The combination of these two components could make the Z60 Ultra a serious contender for the title of best camera phone on the market. However, it is important to note that the Z60 Ultra is not expected to be released until 2024.

While the above setup can provide better bokeh images with natural depth of field, as well as crispier low-light images, it is not without its own drawbacks.

For example, the 35mm optics are quite bulky, so slamming it on the IMX989 sensor could result in a bulky or thicker Z60 Ultra than other similar flagship devices.


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