REPORTS: Infinix might jump to Note 20-series from her current 12-series

Infinix has been consistent with her Note lineup since the very first Hot Note device announced back in 2014. Save for the skipped Note 9, the Note-lineup have followed a sequential succession until the recent Note 12-series announced barely 74 hours ago.

But the question now is, what will the next Note device be? Are we expecting Note 13, or 14, or is Infinix jumping to Note 15 as Tecno jumped from Camon 12 to Camon 15? What will the next Note device from Infinix be?

Infinix Note 20
Infinix Note 12 VIP

Well, a tipster is already trying to answer these questions. According to him, the next Infinix Note device will be called…wait for it! Can you still remember Samsung and her flagship Galaxy S and Note series? It was a dramatic jump from Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series, to Galaxy Note 20 and S20 series.

Now you get the gist! That is exactly what Infinix is planning to do. The next Note device is going to e called Infinix Note 20, skipping Note 12 all the way to Note 19. That mean the next Note device will be harmonized with the Camon 20-series, that is if Tecno did not decide to skip that number as well.

REPORTS: Infinix might jump to Note 20-series from her current 12-series
Note 20 Rumors

Normal expectation of the next Note device should be the 13-series. But since 20 is generally better than 13, we’d just hope the Note 20 is at least 7-generations better than the current Note 12 models. If Infinix continues on her currently 6-months launching timelines, it means we should see the Note 20 towards the close of 2022.

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