Samsung Galaxy A52 recieved the RAM Plus feature Via software update


Following Samsung’s recent development, the company has started rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy A52. This update carries solutions to over sixty(60) issues attacking the smartphone. Most importantly, this software update for the Galaxy A52 smartphone introduces the RAM Plus feature and it carries the latest October 2021 security patch.

You might be wondering what the RAM Plus feature that is present on the new software update is. This is an additional 4GB of RAM to the Galaxy A52 which will reserve some fractions of its internal storage.

How To Check The RAM Plus Feature

Users can manually check for the RAM Plus feature by navigating their Settings> Battery and Device Care> Memory. If it is not available yet for your device, don’t panic, it might be as a result of the region but definitely, it will come with the upcoming One UI 4.0 update that we are still expecting. The version number of this current software update is A525FXXU4AUI3.

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