Samsung Galaxy M11 and M31 in works


Samsung naming strategy is quite satisfying. On January this year, Samsung released the Galaxy M10 and M20. On February, they released the Galaxy M30. Do you see how the smartphone monikers are going, even on the second half of this year, Samsung went ahead to release the more enhanced version of the M10, M20 and M30 which is M10s, M20s and M30s. They even did that with the Galaxy A series devices.

Now, it has been reported that Samsung is working on the M11 and M31 smartphones. That’s why i said that the Samsung naming strategy is quite satisfying in the beginning. It seems that this is one of the first device Samsung will release next year. Both of this phones will likely rival the other Chinese brands earlier next year. Just yesterday, Samsung launched the Galaxy A51 and A71 as their first Galaxy A series for 2020.

Samsung Galaxy M20
Galaxy M20

This means that this upcoming Galaxy M11 and M31 will be their first M series devices for 2020. In accordance to the report, the M11 has a model number SM-M115F where as the Galaxy M31 have SM-M315F model number. We don’t know any specifications of this two devices but report claims that they will come in 32 GB and 64 GB storage variants. It is possible that the M31 will still has the 6,000mAh battery capacity as was found on the M30s.

Samsung Galaxy M30
Samsung Galaxy M30

Samsung really launched a lot of M series devices this year and since we just got to know about the M31 and the M11, there is still a possibility that there will be A21 and A41 later next year, probably in February. Then on September, there might be A21s, A31s, A41s, and M11s. That is if they should follow the naming strategy they used this year. The Galaxy M20 and M10 made their debut on January this year, this leaves us to think that Samsung might launched this M11 and M31 next month, that is, on January 2020. Samsung Galaxy A series and M series for 2020 are going to be interesting, let’s watch and see.

Stephen Ekpa
Stephen Ekpa
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