UMIDIGI Bison 2, along with the C1 and G1 series to launch soon


According to insider matter, in addition to researching the flagship rugged BISON 2 series (BISON 2 & BISON 2 PRO), UMIDIGI team is also creating two entry-level stylish phones to meet market demand. It is certain that the two are named C1 and G1, respectively.

UMIDIGI Bison 2, along with the C1 and G1 series to launch soon Dazzling Design Revealed on UMIDIGI BISON 2 Renders Along with C1G1
UMIDIGI Bison 2 and Bison 2 Pro

As can be seen from the leaked renderings, BISON 2 breaks the previous inherent design and is innovative in the back with special processing, anti-fingerprint feature while shining from every angle. Combining chic and sturdiness, it looks unique and powerful. On the other hand, BISON 2 PRO still adopts its classic back design – industrial rubber material to provide more comprehensive and tough protection. At the same time, it can also be seen that the basic camera setup housed in the BISON 2 series is a triple shooter, and the pixel is expected to be higher than the previous generation, but it remains to be seen.

On the front, BISON 2 has been improved compared with its predecessor. It abandons the water drop design and uses the currently popular dot-in display, expands the field of vision, and has a stronger sense of visual experience.

UMIDIGI Bison 2, along with the C1 and G1 series to launch soon img 62a066652286b

From the overall appearance, the UMIDIGI C1 is almost identical to its F3 series. However, the G1 is the same as the A13 series. They also have novel finishes with matte dazzling textured and three color options provided. We boldly speculate that they are exactly the low configuration version belonging to F3 series and A13 series, but the name has changed, although we don’t know the reason. They all have thicker chins and narrow bezels on the water drop screens, which seems to just confirm the assumption.

As shown in the images, C1 and G1 are equipped with dual cameras clearly, and the specific parameters are estimated to be slightly lower, but they still meet daily needs.

UMIDIGI Bison 2, along with the C1 and G1 series to launch soon img 62a066674bc9d

It’s said UMIDIGI has decided that BISON 2 will be launched together with C1 and G1. As for the release time, there are rumors that it will be in the middle of June or the end of June.

Seeing the overall design of BISON 2, do you have any further understanding of its configuration? The brand has a specs-guessing giveaway on its official Facebook. Meanwhile, UMIDIGI’s global giveaway on the official website is still going on. If you are interested, follow them to get more information and activities as soon as possible.

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