Xiaomi Smart Jacket, Your Winter Solution is Here


Xiaomi, in cooperation with Shanghai Runmi Technology, is got a smart jacket for you, for the upcoming winter. Xiaomi should already be very popular, but how about Runmi Technology?

Xiaomi Smart Jacket

Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd was founded back in 2015, and operates as a subsidiary of Anhui Korrun Co., Ltd, with it headquarters in Shanghai, China. The company manufactures luggage and travelling bags. The company also designs and manufactures smart foot wear for professional athletes, which mean, you are getting your jacket from a trusted hand.

Xiaomi and Runmi Technology

Be Your Own Winter Boss!

The jacket has a total of two heat zones equipped with Heatex technology, more precisely at the neck and waist. Luckily, the coat does not require any additional layers of clothing because it can spread the heat evenly to parts of the jacket with less or no heat zone.

According to Xiaomi, the jacket has been subjected to thorough testing and intelligent features to avoid the unknown. For example, when the temperature is too high, heating automatically stops. There is also IPX7 certification, giving users protection against short circuit, rain or snow.

Xiaomi Smart jacket for winter

Furthermore, the inner part is filled with goose feathers from 90 percent while the outer side can repel water drops. When traveling, you can safely put it in your luggage. The jacket is pleased with the wire-drawn wire opening or YKK’s world-famous zipper. The sales counters offer only black unisex designs in sizes from S to XXL, with pricing starting from 549 Yuan ($79

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